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NGO-Forum 2009 – „Cutting the Democratic Deficit through Civil Participation”, Örebrö/Schweden (2009)

Im Herbst 2009 fand in Örebro/Schweden das NGO-Forum 2009 zum Thema „Cutting the Democratic Deficit through Civil Participation“ statt. Die verschiedenen Workshops beschäftigten sich u. a. mit Democratic Deficit (Active citizenship and the role of the civil society for mobilization and participation, civil society organizations as bridges between citizens and authorities, multilevel governance and civil dialogue initiatives), Public Health and Wellbeing (benefits and consequences of indicators of health or wellbeing in national reporting systems, empowerment through volunteering and the cooperative principles, the role of volunteering and civil society in creating healthy regions) und NGO Identity (social measurement methods, new roles and responsibilities of NGOs, widening entrepreneurship, ways to enhance the capacity and independence of civil society organisations).

Rahmen: 27. – 28. 10. 2009, Schweden/Örebrö

Aufgabenbereich: Rapporteurin im Workshop „Indicators for Societal Progress“