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EUSDR-Workshop des Interkulturellen Zentrums für NEETs und Early School Leavers (17. & 18. 12. 2018)

Organizer: Interkulturelles Zentrum und Kulturkontakt Austria

Participants: People from 13 of the 14 countries of the Danube Region

Aims of the workshop: exchange experiencies and best practice examples & showcases, boost synergies and find potential partners for new ideas, new projects & initiatives

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Mapping the different countries: Current numbers on NEETs (not in employment, education or training) and ESL (early school leavers) – Diversity of data collection, not easy to compare, sometimes there is no data available. Also data ist not always recognised as strategically important. In the countries themselves: often big differences from region to region – different programs for regions and on a local level.

What is needed on a systemic/legal level to deal with the situation of NEETs and ESL? Awareness raising, prevention and early intervention, improved monitoring and evaluation, inclusive schools, cooperation on an institutional level, transition meassures, to adress the reasons for early school leaving, obligatory councelling.

Rahmen: 17. & 18. 12. 2018, Europahaus, 1140 Vienna

Auftraggeber_innen: Interkulturelles Zentrum und Kulturkontakt Austria

Aufgabenbereich: Reporting of the main outcomes and findings of the workshop